Construction history

1313 - Start of Construction
We can speculate as to the ingenious first master builder of the Wiesenkirche, but we do not have proof of his identity. The last line of a handwritten inscription in the middle choir reads “schendeler arte Johannes”. The year 1313 can be philologically deciphered from the first line of this inscription.


1376 – Consecration of the Choir
The choir, north choir as 5/10-Eck, middle choir 7/10-Eck, south choir as 5/10-Eck as well as each adjoining bay of the hall were built, vaulted and roofed.


1421 – Origins of the towers
An original inscription, carved in stone, provides clear evidence here. Whether the 9-bay hall was now completed in its entirety cannot be said clearly on the basis of current construction research. Probably because they fit so well with the harmonious effect of the Wiesenkirche, the dimensions of the hall between the choir and the western side are often affectionately referred to as cubic. This corresponds to the dimensions of the heavenly Jerusalem described in the Bible – a city with 12 equally spaced gates – a fact that deserves mention here. In fact, the height from the floor to the highest point of the vault is approximately 23.75 m, while the width from the northern to southern wall is approximately 24.80 m and the length of the construction from the choir to the pillars of the tower halls totals around 30 m (the total length is around 50 m).

~1520 – Construction standstill
The western part of the building had not even been constructed to the height of the eaves (~ 25 m). Work on the actual towers had not begun. The church was completely roofed in the choir and hall area, with a pointed helm roof established in preparation for the north tower and a provisional wooden roof constructed over the southern tower corner.


1846 – Construction of the towers
The second masons’ lodge and workshop was established at St. Maria zur Wiese.
The construction project was carried out at the volition of the Prussian royal house which provided financing due to the high appreciation for the building. In 1876, the two towers – each about 75 m in height – were constructed.


1882 – Construction completed


1930 – Repairs to the tower shafts


1987 – Commencement of current repairs