Westphalian Cathedral Masons’ Lodge at St. Maria zur Wiese in Soest has been an official Intangible Cultural Heritage Site since 2019

Since 1978, UNESCO has listed objects as World Heritage Sites. An agreement came into force in 2006 for the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which should not be confused with this. At the beginning of 2109, the German UNESCO Commission registered constructions workshops (German "Bauhüttenwesen") as such as an Intangible Cultural Heritage on a national level in accordance with corresponding applications. Thus the construction workshops registered as members in the Dombaumeistervereinigung (Cathedral Master Builder Association) increased as a cohesive group in that organization.

The Federal Republic of Germany did not accede to the Agreement on Intangible Cultural Heritage until 2013, Austria in 2009 and Switzerland in 2008. In the same year, the first ambitious activities took place already, as documented by the accompanying press announcements. Our cathedral master builder's statement is from 2019.

Press Articles

Article in Westfalenpost, 1.11.2008

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