A new cross

A report by Heinz Lenz

On the occasion of the renovation of the choir roofs, upon studying historic photographic images, the cathedral master builder became aware that originally a cross stood on the eastern end of the roof ridge. After extensive discussions, the decision was made to once again give the Wiesenkirche a cross at this spot, with a suitable new design. Thanks to the generous donation of a local entrepreneur and another member of the Cathedral Construction Association, financing could be secured. Metal worker, Walter Schneider, from Schmallenberg, was commissioned to produce a bronze cross. The cross was erected as part of the Thanksgiving service on 1 October 2006.

The cross was taken outside the church to the forecourt in a procession.

From there it took its journey to its destination via the skies above on the suspension rope of a helicopter.

A logistical masterpiece was accomplished by the pilot, who transported the cross, beaming in bright sunlight, precisely to the prepared attachment point on the choir roof.

From left to right: Mayor Eckhard Ruthemeyer; Benefactors: Ms Regine Gebhardt, Mr Manfred Gebhardt, Mr Uwe Coerdt and Pastor Hendrik Mattenklodt.