The project Kinderbauhütte (Children's Construction Hut) at the Westphalian cathedral’s stonemason at St. Maria zur Wiese in Soest was created and founded in 1999 by Jürgen Prigl for the construction of a "Kinderfeldkirche with Peace Gate".

This was built from old, dilapidated stones that were left over as building rubble during the dismantling of the towers of the Wiesenkirche. Many people helped and worked on the stones. It was done purely for leisure and free of charge for 7 years.

Originally, the head of the Bauhütte asked the parish priest for a site directly next to the Bauhütte in Walburgerstraße, which belongs to the parish and is situated in the northern shadow of the Wiesenkirche on a public footpath and cycle path. A plot of land belonging to the Walpurgishaus, a home for the disabled and nursing home on Weslarner Weg, about 1 km away, was then offered.

It was completed there in 2006. The annual summer festival of the Walpurgishaus is held there, as well as occasional children's services or baptisms and other gatherings. Since then, Kinderbauhütte have been held sporadically and recreationally, for example on an open day, on the Open Monument Day, on Bördetage or Christmas markets.

 Manifesting it as a permanent institution directly at the Dombauhütte in an old barn, with a modern museum design for all people and as an extracurricular place of learning, for example, would first and foremost be a question of financial feasibility.


Bekanntgabe eines Betriebskostenzuschusses durch das Land NRW für eine Kinderbauhütte im Jahreswechsel 2021-2022