Visit by Minister Scharrenbach

On Friday, 23 March 2018, we were able to present and explain to our minister, Ina Scharrenbach, the intergenerational measures at the Wiesenkirche and all aspects of the work being conducted by the mason’s lodge. It quickly became evident that Ms Scharrenbach was already well informed about the details. Thus in the course of more than 2 hours, it became evident that the history of a mason’s lodge also has a superordinate element that concerns the connection between all workers over the centuries. If something like that it to happen it does so by itself, or not at all. Only then can it be understood. The participants of the visiting group enjoyed the atmosphere. The pictures reveal further details: The term “Jugendbauhutte”, itself demonstrating the youthfulness of the current builder’s hut, was not used; instead reference was always made to the “Kinderbauhütte”, with the current generation of builders being referred to as children following in the footsteps of their predecessors. The photos are by Thomas Brüggestraße and Klaus Fischer.

... by now there were already a few signatures decorating the apron ...

The tour ended in the workshop, the heart of the mason’s lodge, as the cathedral’s master builder used to say.

The already good mood kept getting better for the duration of visit.

Ina Scharrenbach signs the stonemason’s apron of the builders’ hut. Previously, she did so on the tower scaffolding at the base of the triple finial of the western gable.

High above on the scaffolding at the triple finial of the western gable.

During the tour of the church, the minister received a plaque with scenes from events here, which the master builder put into the subject of PEACE.

Signature at the base cornice of the triple finial.

Between the towers of the Wiesenkirche above the roofs of Soest, from left: Heinz-Helmut Piel, 1st Chair, Westphalian Cathedral Builders Association; Dr. Eckhard Ruthemeyer, Mayor; Eckhard Uhlenberg, State Minister a.D. and President NRW Nature Foundation, Nature, Homeland, Culture; Stefan Stubenhofer, mason’s lodge; Jürgen Prigl, master builder, mason’s lodge; Kai Hegemann, Pastor; Detlef Schönberger, HGF KH Hellweg-Lippe; Jonathan Schulze, apprentice; Daniel Müller, mason’s lodge; Thomas Gißke, mason’s lodge.

Ascension with home minister.

Coverage in the Soester Anzeiger

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The visit was reported in the Westfalenpost newspaper.

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