Glück Auf

Laying of the foundation stone for the restoration of the eaves cornice zone on 29.11.2019

Minister Ina Scharrenbach described the laying of the foundation stone for the comprehensive renovation of the eaves cornice zone at St. Maria zur Wiese as "something very special". Once again she had come to Soest in the presence of Mayor Dr. Eckhard Ruthemeyer, District Administrator Eva Irrgang, District President Hans-Josef Vogel, and former Minister of State Eckhard Uhlenberg to join us in celebrating an important step forward in the construction of the building: "Here, at the sensitive point between the masonry and the roof construction, past measures caused damage above all, inferior building materials were used and these were improperly installed.

Against this background, immediate action was necessary, accented master builder Jürgen Prigl, who described the laying of the foundation stone as a "historic, perhaps even most important step for the entire building". Before the 350 kg heavy foundation stone was brought to its destination above the south choir, it was given its "Inner Values", the certificate and numerous small pieces of paper in the Wiesenkirche in a simple ceremony on which people noted down their thoughts and thus gave them to the building.

With the greeting "Glück Auf" Jürgen Prigl finally handed over the foundation stone and wished his hut both luck and success for the forthcoming work. In the windy height on the wall crown the stone was then used in the presence of the minister, while the guests remaining in the church could follow the process by livestream. The ceremony ended with the sound of the brass section "Tochter Zion" (Daughter Zion) from the roof cornice and at the same time a further stage in the building history of our Wiesenkirche begins. Pictures from Klaus Fischer.

Minister Ina Scharrenbach during her speech

Eckhard Uhlenberg reads the foundation stone certificate

The sealing of the foundation stone

In good hands: Minister Ina Scharrenbach and master builder Daniel Müller transport the foundation stone to its destination.

Millimeter work: The foundation stone is fitted in

Between Heaven and Earth: Ina Scharrenbach and Jürgen Prigl in Conversation

Handwriting Document - From the Space Age of a Cathedral -