Patron of the Westphalian Builders’ Hut welcomed as a guest

A report by Heinz Lenz

Benevolent patron of the Green Sandstone Musuem was the NRW Stiftung “Nature-Homeland-Culture”. On 8 May 2008 it was welcomed as a guest to the builders’ hut. The President of the Foundation, Minister of State Franz-Josef Kniola, as well as the members of the board of trustees, the Mayor of Soest, Eckhard Ruthemeyer and all attending representatives from public life were warmly welcomed.

President Franz-Josef Kniola recalled the construction of the masons’ lodge and its history at the restoration site of St. Maria zur Wiese and the emergence of the master school 10 years ago. The positive developments finally led to the significant support for the Soest Green Sandstone Museum by the foundation. After the welcome, the guests continued to the workshop of the builders’ hut, where Foundation President Kniola presented two certificates.

Mayor Eckhard Ruthemeyer received a membership certificate from Franz-Josef Kniola for the membership of the City of Soest in the NRW Stiftung.

Among the guests was also Hobbythek presenter, Jean Pütz.