Two ministers of the NRW state government visit the masons’ lodge hut

A report by Heinz Lenz

One on occasion, two ministers of the state government found their way to the Weltphalian masons’ lodge of the cathedral in Soest. Cathedral master builder, Jürgen Prigl, was able to welcome the Minister of Construction and Transport, Mr Oliver Wittke, who was accompanied by the trustee, Dr. Ringbeck, from his ministry, and State Minister of Agriculture Mr Eckhard Uhlenberg.

During the visit to the workshop of the masons’ lodge, Oliver Wittke committed his ministry to continuing the state funding of the restoration measures until 2022. Subsequently, the two ministers were happy to sign two stones for the project “Kinderfeldkirche”.

The creation of a lapidarium and a green sandstone museum was part of the first development phase. Jürgen Prigl explained to the delegation from Dusseldorf of the progress of the work on the project. Of course, a trip to the towers of St. Maria zur Wiese completed the visit.

From left: Dr. Ringbeck, Minister Oliver Wittke, Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg and master builder, Jürgen Prigl.

The Lapidarium and the Soest Green Sandstone Museum are being built at the “old barn”.

Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg and Minister Oliver Wittke sign a stone for the Kinderfeldkirche.