Choir roof and roof truss

The restoration of the towers represents the largest area of restoration in the Wiesenkirche. But all areas of the Gothic jewel must always be kept in view. The poor condition of the roof has been known for a long time. Not only is the slate fragile in many places; above all, the historic roof truss from the 14th century has suffered from weathering and the consequences of the last war.

With the financial help of the German Foundation for Monument Protection in 2006, the renovation of the choir roof was carried out. It received new slating. In addition, ailing base points of the roof truss were strengthened using carpentry techniques – bearing in mind the medieval materials – as gently as possible.

Repairs to the large roof areas above the nave can only be undertaken later, but the particularly ailing roof cladding on the south side can certainly be restored in 2013 with the completion of the southern tower.

Scaffolding for the choir roof

Damage to the beams and formwork of the roof truss

The press continuously keeps updated on the construction process.

With roofing steeper than 70°, you have to be secured like a mountaineer.

Formwork and parts of the rafters that were rotting had to be replaced. The base points of the roof truss are on the wall coping. A suitable carpentry company was commissioned for the work after tendering.

The roof over the north choir was, for starters, covered with new slate before the roof of the south choir and the middle choir. The already necessary renovation of the gallery’s eaves has to wait a few more years; however, this is only possible through on-going damage control and safety measures in case of danger.