Visit by Minister Michael Groschek

On 14 September 2013, Michael Groschek, Minister of Construction, Housing, Urban Development and Transport of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia visited the masons’ lodge at the cathedral. After a walk over the scaffolded building site of the southern tower – to which small finials had just been added – the visit to the workshop of the masons’ lodge was concluded with a savoury snack with guests invited by the minister.

In the heavens above in the southern tower from left to right: Wolfgang Hellmich, MdB; Birgit Sippel, MEP; Norbert Römer, MDL and party group chairman; cathedral master builder, Jürgen Prigl and state Minister, Michael Groschek.

After a solid visit to the work sites on the scaffolding – the employees of the builders’ hut put in a special shift – the delegation finally inspected the medieval roof truss.

After work, the enjoyment: to conclude, in the builders’ workshop a savoury snack or “Vesper” was enjoyed together, emulating the food and drinks on the window of the Westphalian Supper. The people on the right of the photo are Sandra Wulf, Soest councillor, and Dirk Presch, Regional Manager of Western Westphalia.