Visit by Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany

On 4 May 2017, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, visited the Wiesenkirche and its masons’ lodge. His visit extended for over two hours. From Dusseldorf, Norbert Römer, long-time member of the board of trustees, organised the meeting, together with Dirk Presch. The high-ranking visitor was received by a small but stately group and accompanied by, amongst others, the Chairman of the Cathedral Association, the Superintendent and the Pastor. The tour throughout the interior of the church was followed by a tour of the tower construction site. A typical snack was enjoyed in the workshop of the masons’ lodge once the Foreign Minister had chiselled the inscription DONA NOBIS PACEM in a stone that will soon be found at the base of the massive south-west pinnacle of the northern tower. Some media, including the WDR television station, reported on this occasion.

Through his historical knowledge, the Foreign Minister unwittingly helped to guide the course of the visit. In conversation about the bygone periods which the building mirrors with its history and reveals through its character, the group walked through the open, wide, bright space, enjoying the atmosphere evoked. The window “Westphalian Supper” is always a special feature with its timeless message.

Sigmar Gabriel works at the inscription DONA NOBIS PACEM in the workshop, with chisel and mallet, while donning a cap from the masons’ lodge.

Creating or keeping peace and sculpting shapes from stone – the dexterity needed for each of these pursuits have much in common…

Soester Anzeiger, 5 May 2017