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The Westfälische Dombauverein St. Maria zur Wiese, Soest e.V is the trustee of the Cathedral Masons’ Lodge at St. Maria zur Wiese and thus supports the restoration work on the high gothic Wiesenkirche.

In order to finance the preservation of this work of art, great, joint efforts are required. In addition to the funding by the federal state of NRW, there are also grants from the country and foundations as well as contributions from the city and church district.

But some of the high costs have to be covered by civic engagement. This task is fulfilled by the westphalian cathedral association and its members.

Therefore we need the help of all those, who care about the preservation of our cultural heritage.

We invite you to concur and participate.

You are most welcome!

Help us to preserve this unique building permanently!

Donations account:
Westfälischer Dombauverein St. Maria zur Wiese
Commerzbank AG
Bank code: 440 800 50, Account number: 0399 00 11 00
IBAN: DE19 4408 0050 0399 0011 00

For each donation, a donation receipt will be issued immediately after processing.

Westfälischer Dombauverein St. Maria zur Wiese Soest e.V.
Walburger Straße 56, 59494 Soest
Telephone: 0 29 21 - 1 50 11
Fax: 0 29 21 - 1 76 04
E-Mail: info@bauhuette-wiesenkirche.de

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Neue Vorsitzende am 8.4.22 gewählt

Annual trip 2009 – Magdeburg

Guided tours by cathedral master builder, Lilly Sußmann, and Senior Church Buildings Officer. Michael Sußmann.

Annual trip 2008 – to Dresden und Erfurt

Guided tour of the Dresden Frauenkirche by engineer Christoph Frenzel; it should also be mentioned that a small delegation visited Dr. Eberhard Burger, the building director the reconstructed Frauenkirche, and his wife Ulrike, privately in person. The tour of Erfurt Cathedral was held by cathedral master builder, Andreas Gold.